My life is filled with whimsy and wonder working with the dragon scales. It is important to note that no dragons are harmed in the harvesting of their scales. In fact, they are well pleased to have their cast off scales repurposed into jewelry.

Each dragon has a distinct personality and I invite you to get to know and love them as I do.

Gracefully yours,



Meet the Touchstone Dragons

Did you know that dragon scales are magical and pass along great joy and a sense of whimsy to the owner of dragon scale jewelry? Come meet the Touchstone Dragons. FIND OUT MORE

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Imagine a place you can visit and find hundreds, possibly thousands, of artisans. That place exists on Etsy and I am honoured to be part of that vibrant creative community. All my Touchstone Designs are available for purchase on my Etsy store. FIND OUT MORE

Meet Eliza

Eliza Fayle is an international medium, Tarot reader, and dragon whisperer. She has over twenty years experience reading and teaching Tarot. She also provides personal power advice and healing through her guides Ab-Dob, Mary, The Sora Sisters, and The Light Emissaries. Recently, dragons have done her the great honour of entering her life through her Dragon Scale jewelry.